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Businesses that liberally use Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networking Websites are on the fore-front of the change in how business is conducted on the internet.

Companies now use their Facebook pages as real-time forums and tech support areas, and use the “Like” button to connect to users’ news feeds to their latest news, product launches and exclusive discounts. This in turn promotes the company’s product to all the users’ friends via the news feed, spreading through the social network with a viral effect, for free. Efects from these sites offer companies a much more viable alternative to spending money on advertising which may not reach their intended targets.

This provides a much faster reaction time to news, product introductions and overall exposure than then traditionally paradigm. In this regard, users often feel a higher degree of familiarity with the company, as its status appears in a news feed alongside their social networking friends and tend to promote a more positive opinion of the company and its products.

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